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Protect your investment! 

Without a proper maintenance schedule in place, your courts could incur vast costs in repairs or replacement.  A professional maintenance schedule is a fraction of this cost and will extend the life of your court area.


Cain Markings have a range of maintenance packages to suit all budgets and will always give an honest opinion. Take advantage of a free site evaluation to discuss your requirements in full and provide a quote.  No obligation.  No hidden costs.



  • Specialist Maintenance of both Artificial & Macadam Surfaces

  • Colour Spray Coating

  • Overmarking of Lines

  • Mechanical Brushing

  • Water Pressure Cleaning

  • Surface Renovation

  • Logos for your Club (in line with the LTA regulations)


Court Rejuvenation: 

Cain Markings specialise in Court Rejuvenation! 

If your Club have a court that is a bit tired or totally neglected we can definitely help.


All Court & Playing Surfaces:

Moss, Algae & Detritus is much overlooked. More than merely an unattractive nuisance, moss becomes slimy when wet and is responsible for:

  • Health & Safety issues such as slippy surfaces

  • Build up over time produces ideal growing conditions for foliage to grow into the macadam or under the carpet creating trip hazards & expensive repairs.

  • Blockage of the porosity allowing water to remain on the surface


Artificial Surfaces: 

Artificial surfaces are often looked at as no maintenance.  They should be viewed as Low maintenance rather than No maintenance.  Looking after your infill is critical to the longevity of your 2G & 3G courts and pitches.

  • Redistribution: Over a relatively short time, infill travels to the outer edges leaving fibres without the proper support and vulnerable to the fibre splitting.  This damage is permanent.

  • Infill: can become so contaminated that it could require removing and replacing


Sports Markings:

We take our sports markings seriously.  Accurate marking Lines are essential to be successfully interpreted by the players, referees and sports fans.  Lines applied using a laser guided machine and SAPCA registered paint.



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