Learning shouldn’t be dull …it should be inspiring the future!


We are very aware that children love learning, exploring and new ideas. Our design team is focus on giving the child the starting place for their imagination to grow, enabling the child to use the playground markings in a variety of ways and learning while they play.  Giving them the space to develop their independent learning.


We also create spaces that the teacher can use with individuals or a whole class across a variety of subject areas.   From Space Exploration to the Insect Kingdom we have the designs for you!


Got a design in mind? Not a problem.  We can tailor designs to your specification and show how best to place them in the space you have in mind.  Need inspiration?  We can help develop something special for you, just get in touch by phone, email, or use the contact form here on the website.


Markings & Designs

Mile A Day CircuitNew studies by experts claim all school children should run or walk a mile each day to combat a rising tide of obesity. With more and more schools joining the daily mile community we are pleased to be able to help by offering custom designed Daily Mile Circuits.  Our design team will be able to present a suitable solution no matter how tricky the shape or size of the area you wish to place your circuit.


MUGAWe can convert your old sports court markings into an exciting new MUGA (Multi Use Games Area).


Our MUGAs will rekindle the kids enthusiasm for sports whist utilising the space available to incorporate multiple games, for example, a combination of netball, football, hockey and basketball.  Our team will take your needs and priorities into account when designing, to make sure that the MUGA works for all games and sports taking into account everything from line thickness, colour to marking order.


Wall MarkingsSports, games and inspiration don’t need to be restricted to the floor!  We have designs that are suited to utilises walls space too. From target practice to cricket stumps we have you covered.


Non-activity/ reading & quite AreasSometimes it’s important that children have a designated area that is a place to rest, read and just enjoy being quiet.  Cain Markings offer Area designs that can be used for this sole purpose or perhaps a multi-purpose area that has differing functions on differing days to allow quiet moments but encourage engagement in other activity on other days. These areas can be designed with graphics, solid block colours, a simply coloured outline or a combination of all three.

Over markingCompletely new ideas or refresh old favourites!

Refreshing playground markings and especially sports or court lines is very important to portray how seriously you are investing in quality play and your pupils. Over marking on a regular basis, in accordance with the manufacturers regulations, will not only keep your markings crisp and clean but will also help build up the resistance to expected normal wear & tear enhancing the durability of the marking.


Temporary Markings & Occasion Markings

We can provide temporary markings for a specific occasion and removal after the event.


Cycling proficiency - We can mark official Highways England specification road markings, junctions, roundabouts etc., to give your pupils a real chance to experience real life situations they are likely to encounter in a safe environment.  


Sports Day - Most sports day, especially in the Early Years, incorporate activities that don’t quite fit in the traditional markings. Schools like to be inventive in their team building and be able to incorporate large numbers of pupils taking part at one time. We can help support you in your efforts to make the day fun, inventive and active by laying out the markings you require.


Temporary Parking - Perhaps you are holding a Summer Fete, Summer holiday club or Christmas Fete and are using the playgrounds as additional parking.  In our experience, we have found that by marking out temporary car parking spaces helps maximise and organise this area efficiently and, thereby, making sure the school environments is as safe as it can be.


A great option to offer flexiblity to your school environment as it grows and adapts through the Academic year.   We offer many solutions including car parking , storages area, walkways.


Please enquire to see how this can benefit your school

Of course, if you need any of our Temporary markings made permanent we can do that.


Indoor Markings

Cain Markings also offer our line marking, refresh and design services for all your indoor courts too!



Playground Cleaning - We also offer playground cleaning as they are under constant footfall with often a build-up of mud, sand, mixed foliage being a common occurrence.   It’s often an area that’s overlooked but your school and its pupils deserve to have the quality they experience indoors, transferred to the outdoors.   We have found that a pristine area gives back the pride of ownership and inspires quality learning.

Hard Standing Area CleaningFoot paths driveways and other hard surfaces around your premises are often the first impressions people see and we want to make you shine!

Algae MossWe understand that the safety of student and staff at school is important and we want to help.  We offer treatments for playground, sports courts, grass pitches, footpaths carparks & common areas for algae and moss growth which can develop making it slippery and dangerous under foot.   

The outside is often the first thing that your visitors see, and while you may be focusing on excellent education indoors, the exterior of your property could let you down.


As with all our services we do a free site evaluation to deliver the best service for you


Graffiti Removal

Vandalism is a rare occurrence but when unfortunately it does happen it can really impact on the reputation and image of your school.  With our service we will aim to maintain the standards of your school and deal with the issue quickly and discretely .


Please enquire and we will discuss the right services for you


24 Hour Snow Clearing

We all know that snow only happens once in a blue moon, but when it does it can cause major headaches for your school.  


With our 24 Hour Snow Clearing call out we monitor the Met Office weather reports so that we can help you assess the most cost effective way of clearing the snow.  If there’s more snow due or sever ice forecast, we will update you before we attempt to clear an area.  This will save you the unnecessary cost of clearing snow twice in succession Cain Markings want to give you the peace of mind that your club will be safely playing sports in the shortest time possible.


We offer snow clearing and gritting of playground, sports courts, grass pitches, footpaths carparks & common outdoor areas, to name a few.


Every school is unique and we want to tailor make our service to you, we will do a free site evaluation to make sure we are delivering the best service and to discuss what services will be best suited to you.


Estimating & Pricing

We’ll give you an honest assessment of the area you would like marking.  Many companies will not properly prepare areas which result in poor markings that will not last the maximum length of time.


As you can appreciate your school is unique, with the sports, play areas and surfaces also having their own set of considerations, making it impossible to give an accurate price that suits all to put on our website.


We want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you so we’d only need a few details to give you a quick estimation in the first instance, we would then arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements in full and give

you a quote.  No obligation.  No hidden costs.


Got a budget?

Cain Markings are experts in finding solutions to fit all budgets – with an honest appraisal of what you can achieve within that budget.


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