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Sam’s journey into the sports and play industry started at University, but not in the traditional way.


Taking a degree in Graphics & Communication at Central Saint Martins University, Sam needed to fund his studies during the three year course.  During the Summer holiday break he took a part time seasonal job in the Sports & Playground marking industry.


During his time, with many visits to different locations and situations, he quickly realised that the markings that were just being over marked again and again could be vastly improved.  Using his strengths through his dyslexia he could visualise different ways of improving the markings and producing new ideas.  It was at this point, during Sam’s final Year at University, he developed his ideas to explore semantics and how to communicate without the written word.


After Graduation, Sam continued in the industry gaining experience and knowledge whilst setting up his own company, Cain Markings.

Sam’s initial intention was to specialise in sport & playground markings but things rapidly developed into other areas.  Once he was working in a school or sports facility he found that the people place their trust in him and wanted him to continue working on other projects or maintaining their facility. 


Always striving for excellence Sam wasn’t about to let them down.  Sam is so passionate about his work and  the industry he became a member of the Young Board of Directors of the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) so that he could help shape the future and awareness of the industry as a career path.

Sam has instilled a strong ethos within his company to ensure that it doesn’t loose sight of the client as an individual and not one solution fits all.

Cain Markings buy British, use local companies where possible and always invest in new technology whilst considering the environment.

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