Markings & Design

For our business clients we offer the highest standards and accuracy to show your business off to is best and to make sure everyone is safe whilst on your premsises.


We offer services to mark new or refresh tired lines on: Car Parks, Loading Bays, Reminder Text, Walkways, Stock/Storage Areas, Cycling Storage, Bicycle Lanes, Forklift Work Areas, Hazardous Material Areas and Safety Slogans  


We can suit your needs and customize any design. Our team can create a wide variety of designs ranging from ideas inspired from your logo right through to ideas influenced by your products.  The opportunities are endless!


Got a specific colour you need or corporate colour you need matching – We’ve got you covered!

We can mix our paints to match your colour as accurately as possible within the medium used.


Temporary Markings

A new service we are offering is Temporary Markings.  Designed to be flexible with your business as it grows and adapts (also great for events you’re hosting!)  Temporary Markings are ideal for: Car Parking , Storage Areas, Walkways, Directional Assistance and many more…


Please enquire to see how this can benefit your business.  



We understand that the safety of staff and visitors to your site is important and we want to help.  We offer treatments for Footpaths, Car Parks, Common Areas, Smoking Areas & Yards for algae and moss growth which can develop making it slippery and dangerous under foot.   

With all our services we do a free site evaluation to deliver the best service for you


24 Hour Graffiti Removal

Vandalism can really impact on the reputation of a business and its image.  With our 24 Hour Service we will aim to maintain the standards of your business and deal with the issue quickly day or night. For more information please contact us.


24 Hour Snow clearing

We all know that snow only happens once in a blue moon, but when it does it can cause major headaches for your business.  


With our 24 Hour Snow Clearing call out we monitor the Met Office weather reports so that we can help you assess the most cost effective way of clearing the snow.  If there’s more snow due or sever ice forecast, we will update you before we attempt to clear an area.  This will save you the unnecessary cost of clearing snow twice in succession Cain Markings want to give you the peace of mind that your business will be safely operating in the shortest time possible.


We offer snow clearing and gritting of Car Parks, Public Areas, Common areas, Smoking Areas & Loading Bays to name a few.


Every Business is unique and we want to tailor make our service to you, we will do a free site evaluation to make sure we are delivering the best service and to discuss what services will be best suited to you.


Estimating & Pricing 

We’ll give you an honest assessment of the area you would like marking.  Many companies will not properly prepare areas which result in poor markings that will not last the maximum length of time.


As you can appreciate your school is unique, with the sports, play areas and surfaces also having their own set of considerations, making it impossible to give an accurate price that suits all to put on our website.


We want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you so we’d only need a few details to give you a quick estimation in the first instance, we would then arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements in full and give

you a quote.  No obligation.  No hidden costs.


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